Athletic Director
Steve Lavelle
(408) 522-2500 ext. 2535

Athletics Secretary
Lisa Fisher
(408) 522-2507

Athletic Trainer
Daniel Yusim
(408) 522-2548

Athletics Administrator
Brian Dong
(408) 522-2511

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General Information

Code of Conduct

Students who participate in the District's Extracurricular and Co-curricular activities are representatives of the school and the District therefore they are expected to model positive behaviors. Participation in these activities is a privilege, conditioned upon meeting the eligibility criteria established by the Board, Administration, and individual activity coaches and advisors. Each student participant and his parent/guardian are required to read, acknowledge and/or agree to the District's Code of Conduct, Risk Warning, and Steroid Policies before the student can participate in Extracurricular and Co-curricular activities.

The Board's policy and the Code of Conduct cover the following activities:
Athletics, band, instrumental and vocal music performances, drama productions, speech contests, all honorary and elected offices (e.g. Homecoming King/Queen/court, class officer, student government officer or representative), state contests and performances for cheer leading and drill team, mock trial, FBLA, DECA, or any other activity where the student represents the Fremont Union High School District in a defined competition/contest.


Students will:

  • Demonstrate cooperative attitudes and participate to personal capacity
  • Demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship
  • Understand and strive to maintain academic excellence and participation eligibility


To be eligible for participation, students must meet District academic and attendance requirements as well as student conduct expectations.


Student must adhere to district academic eligibility policies as outlined in BP/AR 6145 (see below). Failure to meet academic standards results in ineligibility until the re-establishing of academic eligibility the Monday following the posting of grades to students.


In order to participate in co-curricular activities, the student must be in attendance at school, meeting the requirements of minimum day, as defined by Education Code, on the day of the activity unless the absence is excused.


To maintain eligibility for participation in Fremont Union High School District extracurricular activities, students must conduct themselves as good citizens both in and out of school at all times. Students who represent the school in an activity are expected to serve as good role models to other students and to members of the community.

Loss of eligibility, due to poor student conduct, takes place when one or more of the following conditions occur:

  • Engaged in any school suspendable offenses (violations of Education Code 48900 and Board Policy 5144.1)
  • Involvement in cheating, gambling, accepting gratuities
  • Engagement in disrespectful conduct including profanity, obscene gestures, offensive remarks of a sexual or slanderous nature, trash-talking, taunting, boastful celebrations, or other actions that demean individuals, the activity or the school community
  • Demonstration of poor sportsmanship and/or retaliation against teammates, coach, staff, parents, members of others teams (including coaches)
  • Use of any illegal substances including alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Engagement in any school suspendable offense or criminal behavior.


Any student who fails to meet Student Conduct expectations during the period of the school year in which s/he participates in a school-sponsored activity is subject to a loss of eligibility. The loss of eligibility means:

  • One-week suspension from competition/participation in all school sponsored activities from the date of suspension.
  • Mandatory referral to counseling -Student Advocates or outside agencies/professionals
  • Required administrative/coach-advisor/parent/student conference.
  • Law enforcement contact if appropriate
  • Additional sanctions will be imposed for subsequent violations of district disciplinary rules including possible removal from the sport/activity for the remainder of the year.
  • An ineligible student shall attend all practices or rehearsals but will not "suit up" or perform/participate.
  • Any student holding a leadership position (e.g. ASB, Class Officer, Spirit member, etc) that loses eligibility due to poor student conduct will be removed from their leadership position for the remainder of the academic year.


The Administration, coach and/or advisor have the right and the power to impose other additional penalties or consequences, separate and apart from the penalties listed above, in response to serious violations of the School District's policies, team/activity rules and/or community laws. Examples of additional sanctions for ineligibility are but not limited to:

  • While performing in an activity the student violates Education 48900 and/or BP5144, the coach/advisor may remove the student from the team; the reasoning supporting the coach/advisor's decision is: the student's actions are detrimental to the reputation of the team and/or to the need to maintain an harmonious environment for the other team members.
  • While on a team-sponsored activity away from school, if the student violates team/District Rules while on the trip, the student may be removed from the team. The coach/advisor views the action as detrimental to the team.


The school's interest and intent is to expect and support positive student behavior at all times and to discourage or deter illegal, immoral, unhealthy, or highly inappropriate behavior. Serious violations of school rules or community laws that occur during the time a student is enrolled in the Fremont Union High School may result in the student's ineligibility for participation.


Student or the student's parent(s) or legal guardian may appeal the decision on eligibility by notifying the Principal in writing of the desire to appeal. By the conclusion of the third school day after an appeal has been filed, the Principal will issue a decision on the appeal of the alleged violation the Code of Conduct. The student will not be allowed to participate in any contest during the appeal process.


To be eligible to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, students must demonstrate satisfactory educational progress in the previous grading period including but not limited to:

  1. Be on target for graduation. To be considered on target a student must have passed courses totaling 25 the previous semester.

  2. Be enrolled in, and passing, courses totaling 25 or more credits (may include community college courses) each grading period.

    - Exception: Seniors who are on target for graduation and are enrolled in, and passing, courses totaling 20 or more credits.

  3. Maintain a minimum of a "C" (2.0) GPA average at the end of each grading period (progress report grades and/or semester grades)

  4. Freshmen enter on probation. Eligibility for freshmen in the fall will be established at the end of the first grading period.


  1. Eligibility for transfer students must meet CCS guidelines.

  2. Eligibility will be determined based on grades from the most recent grading period (on the Monday following posting of grades to Infinite Campus).


  1. A student may be placed on probation when he/she fails to maintain a "C" (2.0) grade point average, or the student fails to be passing the equivalent of a minimum of 25 credits each grading period. But, the student must have passed (4) classes (CIF by-law 205 B, b).

  2. A student may not be placed on probation for consecutive grading periods.Athletic Participation


It is understood that the dangers and risks of playing or practicing to play/participate in the above sport/activity include, but are not limited to, serious neck and spinal injury which may result in complete or partial paralysis, brain damage, serious injury to virtually all internal organs, serious injury to virtually all bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and other aspects of the muscular skeletal system, serious injury or impairment to other aspects of my body, general health and well-being, and death. It is understood that the dangers and risks of playing or practicing to play/participate in the above sport/activity may result not only in serious injury, but in a serious impairment of my future abilities to earn a living, to engage in other business, social and recreational activities, and generally to enjoy life.


Fall Sports

Sport Team Position Name/Email
Cross Country V & J/V

Kenrick Sealy


Field Hockey Varsity

Donna Keith


Field Hockey J/V Katie Heaney
Football Varsity

Milo Lewis


Football F/S Jerome Holloway
Golf – Girls Varsity

Kyle Bonvechio


Tennis – Girls Varsity Sundar Parthasarathy
Tennis – Girls J/V

Edmond Kwong


Volleyball – Girls Varsity

Gary Carroll


Volleyball – Girls J/V Joseph Smith
Water Polo – Boys Varsity Sam Hyrne
Water Polo – Boys F/S David Dour
Water Polo – Girls Varsity

Heather Bonvechio


Water Polo – Girls J/V Haley Bridges

Winter Sports

Sport Team Position Name
Basketball – Boys Varsity

Matt Wright


Basketball – Boys F/S TBD
Basketball – Girls Varsity

Becky Chiu


Basketball – Girls J/V Andrew Wong
Soccer – Boys Varsity

Luis Comesana


Soccer – Boys F/S

Ralph Vargas


Soccer – Girls Varsity

John Luotto


Soccer – Girls J/V TBD
Wrestling Varsity

Manny Regidor

Spring Sports

Sport Team Position Name/Contact
Badminton Varsity Gumaro Diaz
Badminton J/V Gumaro Diaz
Baseball Varsity TBD
Baseball F/S Curtis Currier
Golf – Boys Varsity

Kyle Bonvechio


Gymnastics – Girls   Contact Steve Lavelle
Softball Varsity TBD
Softball J/V David Harris
Swim – Boys Varsity Dave Dour
Swim – Dive Dive

Dirk Leone


Swim – Girls Varsity Alex Romanko
Tennis – Boys Varsity Sundar Parthasarathy
Tennis – Boys J/V

Edmond Kwong


Track & Field Varsity

Kenrick Sealy


Volleyball – Boys Varsity Joseph Smith
Volleyball – Boys F/S Jerry Colen

Sports Medicine

Athletic Trainer: Daniel Yusim
Phone: 408-522-2548
Training room hours: Monday through Friday 2:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine services are provided for all sports and student-athletes on campus here at Homestead by our Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). The Athletic Trainer on campus will provide evaluations, prevention programs, and treatments for various orthopedic injuries. Therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation equipment are accessible for treatments that will allow our student-athletes to get back to competition as quickly and safely as possible. The Athletic Trainer and staff works thoroughly with Orthopedic Doctors and Physical Therapists in the Silicon Valley to provide medical coverage for all student-athletes.

Who are Athletic Trainers?

Athletic Trainers (ATs) are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians. The services provided by ATs comprise prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

* Athletic training is recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a health care profession
*This definition is approved by the NATA’s nomenclature work group and the NATA Board of Directors, January 2013

CIF Concussion Forms & Information

Ticket Prices

Football Game Ticket Prices
Adults $8.00
FUHSD Students with ID only      $5.00
Opponent Students (ID and ASB)    $5.00
Children Aged 7 Through Middle School  $5.00
Children 6 and Under FREE
Other Game Tickets (Basketball and Volleyball)
Adults $6.00
Students/Senior Citizens (65+)   $5.00
Children 6 and Under FREE

Data & Compliance

State Monitoring of Title IX Compliance

Competitive Athletics Data Reporting 

Schools that offer “competitive athletics” must annually post data about the gender makeup of their teams and their student participation. This requirement is found in Education Code Section 221.9, which defines “competitive athletics” to mean sports where the activity has coaches, a governing organization and practices, competes during a defined season, and has competition as its primary goal.

By June 30 of each school year, starting in 2016, each school must make the following information available on its website:

  1. The total enrollment of the school, classified by gender,
  2. The number of pupils enrolled at the school who participate in competitive athletics, classified by gender, and,
  3. The number of boys and girls teams, classified by sport and competition level.