Homestead Hacks

Homestead Hacks are a series of parent education and information nights co-sponsored by Homestead and the PTSA. A “hack” is a time saving tip or smart solution, so our nights are called Homestead Hacks because we present on timely and interesting topics that will help parents better understand our school as well as give you supports and tips on how to best help your student be successful. Our past topics and presentations are listed below.

November: Social Studies Department on Research and writing

This Homestead Hack featured a Social Studies presentation on research and writing.

January: ASB Leadership on getting involved

This Homestead Hack featured an ASB Leadership presentation on how to get your student involved at HHS.

February: Principal Giglio on WASC

This Homestead Hack featured Principal Giglio’s presentation on the WASC process.

March: English Department on Vertical Skills Alignment

This Homestead Hack featured an English Department presentation on the vertical alignment of skills taught in all grade levels of English.