Congratulations to Homestead High School student Gefei Ma, winner of this year's CLASS/NCLCC National Campaign Slogan Contest, and to his Chinese teacher Ms. Ying Jin.The  CLASS/NCLCC Slogan Contest is open to students of its three national organizations to create Slogans that highlight the multifaceted benefits of learning Chinese in today’s K-12 STEMM curriculum in the United States. Gefei Ma's winning slogan: STEM has a Root in China. 

On April 6, Kavya Shah, Shreya Jindal, Sophya Diwan, and Roma Bedekar received second place out of fifty teams in the Berkeley Bioengineering Honor Society High School Competition. They presented their research about a method to cure the autoimmune disorder multiple sclerosis using targeted nanotherapy to professors and graduate student culminating months of research.