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Enrichment Options

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is an opportunity for current high school students to also take courses at a community college. All current high school students who wish to be concurrently enrolled at a community college need to get the high school permission form signed by their guidance counselor before they are allowed to register for any course. Each community college has its own form and process for registering for classes so please make sure you read all instructions. Visit the Concurrent Enrollment page on the District website for more information on how to enroll. 

Age restrictions: Most community colleges require students to complete 10th grade before they are allowed to enroll, but some are also open to students who have completed 9th grade. You will need to check the requirements of the community college for all concurrent enrollment age requirements.

Summer Programs

Due to the number of requests we receive, if you plan to apply to a summer program which requires a letter of recommendation from your Guidance Counselor be sure to give at least three (3) weeks notice.