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Guidance Department

Welcome to the Homestead High School Guidance Department!

Homestead High School's School Counselors hours are:

School Counselor Students Served Office Hours

Marisa Amezquita

Appointment Request

Last Names A-E  

Raquel DeJesus 

Appointment Request

Last Names F-La  

Wilma Wu

Appointment Request

Last Names Le-Ph  

Derek Chan

Appointment Request

Last Names Pi-Va


Maricarmen Alanis 

Appointment Request 

Last Names Ve-Z  

School Counselors are generally available for student drop-in appointments during brunch or lunch. Appointments are recommended for other times during the day as Counselors are often in classroom presentations and are required to attend meetings and conferences, which may pull them away from the office at various times.

Staff Directory

Terri Hannigan

Assistant Principal, Guidance

(408) 522-2510

Cori Esquivel 

Guidance AP Secretary

(408) 522-2505

Marisa Amezquita

School Counselor (A - E)

(408) 522-2550

Raquel DeJesus  School Counselor (F - La)

(408) 522-2517

Wilma Wu

School Counselor (Le - Ph)

(408) 522-2544

Derek Chan School Counselor (Pi - Va)  (408) 522-2520
Maricarmen Alanis  School Counselor (Ve - Z) (408) 522-2516

Shay Bellamy 

College and Career Advisor

(408) 522-2521

Tricia Palomino

School Data Processing Specialist

(408) 522-2504

Sarah Loyd  School Based Therapist (408) 522-2533

Annabelle Alderette


(408) 522-2503