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Join the Class of 2020 for our virtual graduation ceremony on June 4 at 6 p.m.

Homestead High School Virtual Graduation Ceremony

We Miss You Homestead!

Homestead students, please know that we love you and miss you everyday. It has been very challenging for all of us to adjust to distance learning and not seeing you every day. However, we are very proud of you all for persevering through these trying times. This experience has shown us the true spirit of what it means to be a Mustang! We look forward to seeing you all in person again soon! Until we can be together as a community, please remember that we are sending you a big hug! And we can't wait to see you again soon! Stay strong and healthy Homestead!

Please enjoy the video picture grid created by our staff just for you. Remember to stay strong, healthy, happy and know that we all miss you!

We Miss You VIDEO
We Miss You PHOTO


Homestead High School Senior Awards

Poster Student: Fabiola Zamora

Fabiola Zamora, Homestead High School Poster Student for 2020


Poster Student: Zibaa Adil

Zibaa Adil, Homestead High School Poster Student for 2020


Community Service Award

  • Suodaba Adel
  • Aria Badra
  • Gabriela Banaag
  • Shelly M. Ben Simhon
  • Joseph A. Benkert
  • Shaunak Bhandarkar
  • Romy Bornstein
  • Noa Bronicki
  • Ella Carmel
  • Andrew Chang
  • Andrew H. Chang
  • Alexander Choi
  • Siddarth Gaywala
  • Akshay Ghosh
  • Neeti Indiresan
  • Aasiya Jabbar
  • Roee Shay Karni
  • Stacey Kawabata
  • Sabrina Kim
  • Lior Kishinevsky
  • Shir Lapede
  • Caroline Lee
  • Hanjune Lee

Community Service Award

  • Clarissa Lum
  • Carl Lerdorf
  • Alexa Maletis
  • Michelle Marvar
  • Alekya Meduri
  • Devansh Mishra
  • Cara O'Sullivan
  • Hannah Oh
  • Taylor Ortiz
  • Catherine Pae
  • Ellie S. Paek
  • Ben Piekarz
  • Danielle Salman
  • Nitzan Shachar
  • Abigail Shamelashvili
  • Ji Yong Shim
  • Emily Shin
  • Anoushka Tambay
  • Amisha Vij
  • Daivic Vora
  • Brandon Wei
  • Osman K. Wong
  • Katelyn Wong