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Fall Online Book Fair

Join us for this year’s Online Book Fair!
Book Fair Dates: November 22nd to December 5th, 2021

At the book fair you’ll find:

  • Books for all grade levels (Pre-K to 12)
  • Teacher wish lists for gifting books to classroom libraries
  • Detailed information about each book, including synopsis, reading level, genre, reviews, awards, potentially sensitive content areas, and more. 
  • Hard-cover, first-edition books starting at $5—with FREE shipping for orders over $30
  • Direct-to-home delivery

Invite your friends and family to join our book fair; anyone in the United States can shop there!

Winter Reading Program

Read a book over the mid-year break and submit this form by Monday, January 3 to enter our prize drawing!

Activities to Go!

Get crafty with Homestead Library’s Activities to Go! Please email Ms.Vakili or stop by the library to request your kits by Friday, Dec.3. Select from these options:

  • Paper Cup Snowpeople: Get ready for winter with this paper cup craft. Each kit includes paper cups, felt, chenille pipe cleaners, pom poms, wiggly eyes, and glue.
  • Puzzle Piece Picture Frame After you put together a puzzle, use the pieces to decorate a picture frame. Each kit includes a puzzle, a picture frame, and glue.
  • 3D Paper Shapes: Create your own 3D paper shapes! Each kit includes scrapbook paper, stencils, and a glue stick.

Tutorial in the Library 

  • You must complete the linked reservation form below to save your spot in the library.
  • Library access is also based on grade level. See the schedule below.
  • Sign-ups will close 10 minutes before the beginning of the assigned tutorial
    and will reopen at the beginning of each school week.

9th - Tuesdays
10th - Wednesdays
11th & 12th - Fridays

Library Resources


Find a Book!

Need a book for class or just want to read for fun? Library Book Check-Outs are available!

Destiny (for Physical Books)


Sora (for e-Books & Audiobooks)

(e-Books &

How to access our books

Library Information

Info for Teachers

2021-22 Academic Resource Guides

Research Modules

Efficiently locate and use credible sources through a database

Developing a research topic, question and search strategy
Choosing and Using Keywords
Developing and using database search terms
(from the Pfau Library at CSUSB)
Choosing and Using Databases
Selecting Appropriate Sources
Identifying the best sources for your information need
Evaluating and Organizing Sources