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World Language

In an ever-changing and interconnected world, students need to develop cross-cultural understanding and communication skills in order to enhance their ability to compete in a global economy. The primary goal of the World Languages Department is to provide students the opportunity to develop proficiency in a language other than English. World Language courses are aligned to the California Content Standards for World Languages and to the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards.

Students will develop communicative competence in the target language, both in spoken and written form. Classroom instruction is conducted primarily in the target language, with an emphasis on real-world applications so students develop their ability to interact with speakers of the target language. Diverse learning styles are taken into consideration when developing class activities. Students will build their understanding of the structure of the target language by drawing comparisons to their own languages, which in turn will enhance their awareness of their own language structure. Through their study of the language, students will learn the cultural heritage of other lands and become acquainted with customs and thoughts of other people.

Staff Directory

Arevalo, Paco ex.5800 World Language
Balas, Gabriela   World Language
Birdsong, Junko ex.5819 World Language
Brevnov, Ruth ex.5909 World Language
Jin, Ying ex.3913 World Language
Ju, Vivian   World Language
Kim, Eileen   World Language, SS
Morales, Viky ex.5867 World Language
Nakamatsu, Lisa (408) 522-2567 ex.5807 World Language, PE
Ronsheimer, Kelly ex.5881 World Language
Stanwood, Madeleine   World Language
Tarkington, Tamara ex.5838 World Language
Von-Stein, Muriel ex.5869 Department Lead,
World Language


For a list of World Languages Courses with descriptions please see the Course Selection Guide. 

Course Units Grades  UC/CSU Requirement Prerequisite 
Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish 1 10 9-12 e None
Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish 2 10 9-12 e C or better in Level 1 or the recommendation of an instructor
Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish 3 10 9-12 e C or better in Level 2 or the recommendation of an instructor
Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish 4 Honors 10 9-12 e C or better in Level 3 or the recommendation of an instructor
AP Chinese or Japanese Language and Culture; AP French or Spanish Language 10 9-12 e C or better in Level 4 Honors or the recommendation of an instructor

High School Graduation & College Entrance Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements 

World Languages is a selective elective area. A student must earn 10 credits in two out of three selective elective areas (Fine Arts, World Languages and Applied Academics). For example, if a student earns 10 credits in a world language course, he/she would still need 10 credits from either Fine Arts or Applied Academics to satisfy the graduation requirement.

UC Eligibility 

UC Eligibility: e. Language Other than English – 2 years required, 3 years recommended. A student must earn 20 credits and a grade of "C" or higher in the same language other than English.