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Social Studies

In the history/social sciences, students learn how their lives have been and will continue to be affected by domestic and international politics, demographics, economic flux, technological change, and social change. The study of continuity and change in human events is the main focus of the history/social science curriculum. Students will understand and appreciate how ideas, events, and individuals have intersected to produce change over time as well as to recognize the conditions and forces that maintain continuity within human societies.

Staff Directory

Chai, Neil Social Studies, Resource
DiNucci, Kelly Social Studies
Gonzales, Marc Social Studies, Department Lead
Heaton, Christy Social Studies
Hurst-Ruiz, Daniela Social Studies
Kim, Eileen Social Studies, Spanish
Milirides, Lela Social Studies
Nakamura, Carrie Social Studies
Neese, Nicholas Social Studies, Resource
Russo, Greg Social Studies
Tanger, Amber Social Studies, Resource
Unsinger, Harry Social Studies
Wright, Matt Social Studies
Yee, Andrea Social Studies


For a list of Social Science/History Courses with descriptions please see the Course Selection Guide.

Course Units Grades UC/CSU Requirement Prerequisite
Economics 5 12 g None
United States Government 5 12 a None
AP United States Government 5 12 a B or better in previous history class
United States History 10 11 a None
AP United States History 10 11 a B or better in previous history class
World History 10 10 a None
American Studies 20 (10 english, 10 social science) 11 a (10 units)
b (10 units)

High School Graduation & College Entrance Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements

There is a three-year requirement for graduation that includes World History, United States History and Economics/Government.

UC Eligibility

a. History/Social Science – 2 year required.
A student must earn 20 credits and a grade of "C" or higher in approved history/social science courses. While Economics is needed for meeting high school graduation requirement for Social Sciences, for UC Eligibility, it is included in the "g" requirement.