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A good science background is essential in our technology-oriented society and workplace. Based on the Science Content Standards for California Public Schools, the content of our science classes includes the essential skills and knowledge students will need to be scientifically literate citizens in the twenty-first century. Students have the opportunity to learn science by receiving direct instruction, by reading textbooks and supplemental materials, by solving standards-based problems, and by doing laboratory investigations and experiments. Students are encouraged to take a science class each year, not only to enhance future college admissions, but also to gain a better understanding of the world around them. AP (Advanced Placement) courses are based on standards established by College Board through the Advanced Placement Program.

Staff Directory

Alleyne-Levy, Dara Science, Department Lead
Bacher, Daniel Science
Curley, Debbie Science
Della-Santina, Natalie Science
Fung, Sam Science
Herbst, Jeff Science
Mrozack, Susan Science
Nafrada, Chris Science
Navarro, Adrianne Science
Nunez, Daniel Science
Porticos, Richard Science
Quan, Joanne Science
Ruiz, Lawrence Science
Shreve, Kathleen Science
Sohal, Sukhraj Science
Wakefield, Jessica Science


For a list of Science Courses with descriptions please see the Course Selection Guide.

Course Units Grades UC/CSU Requirement Prerequisite
Biology 10 9 d None
AP Biology 10 11-12 d Understanding of the basics of both Biology and Chemistry to be successful
Chemistry 10 10-12 d Biology and Algebra 1
Chemistry Honors 10 10-12 d Biology and Geometry
AP Chemistry 10 11-12 d Chemistry and Algebra 2
Environmental Science 10 10-12 g Biology
AP Environmental Science 10 10-12 d Biology, Chemistry and Algebra 1
Physics 10 10-12 d Biology and Algebra 1
Physics Honors 10 10-12 d Biology and Algebra 2
Physiology 10 11-12 d Biology and Chemistry
AP Physics 20 (10 math, 10 science) 11-12 c (10 units)
d (10 units)
Physics Honors and Precalculus

High School Graduation & College Entrance Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements

There is a two-year requirement for graduation. One year must be a physical science and the other a life science; Environmental Science may be used to satisfy either year.

UC Eligibility

d. Laboratory Science – 2 year required, 3 years recommended.
A student must earn 20 credits and a grade of "C" or higher in approved laboratory science courses.