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Music plays an essential role in the education of all students. Music is a unique language
for expression… Music is intellectually stimulating and challenging… Music is part of
every culture, and its place in each culture is significant.
—from California’s Visual and Performing Arts Framework

Music is basic in the learning experience for all students in the elementary and secondary schools of California. A balanced and comprehensive education program requires that music be included as a discrete discipline in the visual and performing arts curriculum. California is rich in cultural diversity with a population that represents all regions of the world. Strong music education programs contribute significantly to the development of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of this society in which we live. Effective music instruction is organized to respond to this need and must meet this challenge.

Staff Directory

Burn, John (408) 522-2541 ex.5833 Music, Department Lead
Morton, Jeff ex.2554 Music
Rendon, Paul ex.2541 Music

Course offerings

For a list of Music Courses with descriptions please see the Course Selection Guide.

Course Units Grades UC/CSU Requirement Prerequisite
A Choir 10 9-12 f Audition or approval of instructor
Advanced Treble Choir 10 9-12 f Audition or approval of instructor
B Choir 10 9-12 f None
Concert Band 10 9-12 f Approval of instructor
Music Genesis 10 9-12 f None
Jazz Ensemble 10 9-12 f Audition
AP Music Theory 10 10-12 f Ability to read music
Orchestra 10 9-12 f Audition or approval of instructor
Small Mixed Vocal Ensembles 10 11-12 f Audition
Symphonic Band 10 9-12 f Audition or approval of instructor
Wind Ensemble 10 10-12 f Audition or approval of instructor

High School Graduation & College Entrance Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements

Music is an elective under Fine Arts. A student must earn 10 credits in two out of three selective elective areas (Fine Arts, World Languages and Applied Academics). For example, if a student earns 10 credits in a music course (Fine Arts) he/she would still need 10 credits from either World Languages or Applied Academics to satisfy the graduation requirement.

UC Eligibility

f. Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) – 1 year required.
A student must earn 10 credits and a grade of "C" or higher in a single, yearlong approved VPA course.