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The overall goal of the English Language Arts program is to enable the student to respond in a variety of ways to the ideas in literature, starting at the personal and progressing to the universal level. This goal is achieved in the classroom by: using literature that focuses on aesthetic, ethical, cultural and political issues and themes; using active learning strategies that help students integrate thinking, reading, speaking, listening and writing; using a variety of assessment strategies.

Writing instruction focuses on the process of writing and on self-discovery: connecting personal experience to the ideas and issues of literature. Speaking and listening activities are integrated into all language classes although there are opportunities to take specific class work in speech.

Students are expected to develop their abilities to read more broadly and to comprehend at higher levels, as well as to work effectively in groups. Throughout the curriculum, students are encouraged to think both creatively and critically; to express independent thinking; and to work on clarity of thought in written and oral communication.

To aid in the best communication process possible, the English department has created a policy guide for parents/guardians, students and teachers. Please review the English Department Policies for protocol and to achieve the most positive outcome in communicating with your child’s teacher.