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The overall goal of the English Language Arts program is to enable the student to respond in a variety of ways to the ideas in literature, starting at the personal and progressing to the universal level. This goal is achieved in the classroom by: using literature that focuses on aesthetic, ethical, cultural and political issues and themes; using active learning strategies that help students integrate thinking, reading, speaking, listening and writing; using a variety of assessment strategies.

Writing instruction focuses on the process of writing and on self-discovery: connecting personal experience to the ideas and issues of literature. Speaking and listening activities are integrated into all language classes although there are opportunities to take specific class work in speech.
Students are expected to develop their abilities to read more broadly and to comprehend at higher levels, as well as to work effectively in groups. Throughout the curriculum, students are encouraged to think both creatively and critically; to express independent thinking; and to work on clarity of thought in written and oral communication.

Staff Directory

Barton, Surna   English
Bridge, Megan   English
Chang, Ben   English
Chunglo, Kelly ex.5828 English, Social Studies
Clausnitzer, Lisa ex.5825 English
Graham, Christina ex.5826 English
Gunderson, Mary Jo ex.5809 English
Hinton, Kirk   English
Kirby, Jessica ex.5916 Resource
Lantz, Mallory   English
Lavelle, Steve ex.5873 English
Lloyd, Leslie  (408) 522-2557 ex.5875 Drama
McMahon, Adrian ex.5834 English
Moreno, Sara (408) 522-2588 ex.5896 English
Morrison, Melissa   English
Owsley, Natalie (408) 522-2588 ex.5874 English, Journalism, AVID
Pitta, Ashley ex.5810 English
Ratti, James ex.5858 English, AVID
Riley, Ed ex.5880 English
Rivera, Shawnee (408) 835-0858 ex.5855 English, AVID
Rupe, Megan ex.5915 English
Vanni, Debbie ex.5868 English, Department Lead 
Wilson, Susan ex.5899 English
Yoshida, Gary ex.5841 English, Culinary Arts

Course offerings

For a list of English Courses with descriptions please see the Course Selection Guide.
Course Units Grades UC/CSU Requirement Prerequisite
Literature and Writing 10 9 b None
World Literature and Writing 10 10 b None
American Literature and Writing 10 11-12 b None
American Literature and Writing Honors 10 11 b None
British Literature and Writing 10 11-12 b None
Contemporary Literature and Writing 10 11-12 b None
Global Literature and Writing 10 9-12 N/A Intermediate-level English learners enroll in this class concurrently with ELD 2
Humanities 10 11-12 b None
Journalism 10 11-12 g None
Mythology/Folklore and Writing 10 11-12 b None
AP English Literature and Composition 10 12 b None
American Studies 20 (10 english, 10 social science) 11 a (10 units)
b (10 units)

High School Graduation & College Entrance Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements

There is a four-year requirement for graduation.

UC Eligibility

b. English – 4 year required.
A student must earn 40 credits and a grade of "C" or higher in approved English courses.