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Vision & Values

Homestead High School is a community which aspires to:

  • Develop motivated lifelong learners and creative, innovative thinkers;
  • Practice honesty, integrity, social responsibility, accountability and respect;
  • Develop an appreciation of diverse cultures and the arts;
  • Respond to the academic and personal needs of all students; and
  • Be supportive and active members of the community at large.

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Homestead is preparing students to be:

  • Critical thinkers who create solutions to problems by developing skills to further academic and technological literacy;
  • Communicators who use oral, written and visual work effectively;
  • Continuous learners who set goals and realize through effort and determination they are individually responsible for their actions; and 
  • Collaborators who manage time and resources, demonstrate leadership and utilize diverse cultural opinions and values to improve the quality of our classroom and beyond.
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