Mustang Achievements

Rachel Zlotziver

Homestead High School’s chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) continued to excel at the National Leadership Conference, which took place from June 29 to July 2 in San Antonio, TX. Homestead High School followed their 21st consecutive state championship in Sacramento, California with the number one ranking at this year’s National Leadership Conference for the 20th year.

Over 12,000 of the nation’s highest achieving high school students demonstrated their talents as future business leaders by competing in over 70 competitive events. These events ranged from business-related events, such as Business Law, to technology-oriented events like Computer Game and Simulation. Out of the 69 Homestead students competing, 44 competitors in 20 events received national recognition by placing in the top ten of their events. Homestead had three national championships: Naysha Kola, Manisha Srivatsan and Michael Wang in Banking and Financial Systems, Tara Joseph in Business Calculations and Sruthi Rayaprolu, Martin Wu and Rohan Zamvar in the Partnership with Business Project.

The competitions are scored on a point system, where first place receives ten points, second place receives nine points, and all the consecutive places after receive a point decrease down to tenth place. In total, Homestead earned 156 points, while the closest runner-up, Alpharetta High School from Georgia, earned 106 points.

Byron Lee, Homestead FBLA Adviser for the past 25 years, is proud and excited about how much students have learned and grown over the years. “It truly warms my heart watching our professional mentors and former students work with our competitors to get these young people to the next level. The success through the years has been a byproduct of learning. I also appreciate the deep connections and friendships that happen through the FBLA experience."

The awards ceremony can be viewed online.