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Safe Routes to School

The Homestead HS Safe Routes To School team works closely with the cities of Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and Los Altos to increase the safety along the routes students travel to and from school. The team advocates with the various municipalities for improved safety measures and works with various groups on campus to encourage students to walk, bike, or carpool to school. 

Our Team is comprised of staff, parents/guardians, students, and community members - we are always looking for more road safety advocates. If you are interested in joining the team please contact Homestead Dean Anthony Nguyen.

Apply to be a SR2S Representative for the 2024-25 School Year!


CLICK HERE to apply to be a Safe Routes to School Student Representative for the 2024-24 School Year!  Deadline to apply is Sunday, April 21st.  CLICK HERE for the official flyer.


  1. Make sure to lock up your bikes when they are on campus!
  2. Do not leave your bikes overnight.
  3. Students, are you interested in making city wide changes? Are you a biking hobbyist? Join our Homestead Safe Routes to School team. For more information, come see Dean Anthony Nguyen.

Introduction to Pedestrian Scrambles

The intersection at Homestead Road and Mary Avenue has a special traffic signal called a "pedestrian scramble." When activated, all vehicles must stop. Pedestrians can then cross in any direction. We filmed a safety video on how to use this signal safely. Please view this link: Introduction to Pedestrian Scrambles

Local road safety plan

The City of Cupertino is developing a comprehensive Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP). The LRSP will enable the City to enhance traffic safety for all modes of transportation and for all ages and abilities. The LRSP will provide a framework for identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing roadway safety improvements on local roads, including around schools.

The LRSP will be achieved through a decision-making process that relies on the evaluation of a comprehensive collision database, partnership with stakeholders, and public outreach. That’s where you come in! The City is looking for input from the community about areas that could use safety improvements.

Please participate in the City’s Local Road Safety Plan process by visiting https://engagecupertino.org/lrsp to provide feedback and report areas of concern.

The City will address concerns identified in the plan by using the four "E's of traffic safety: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Medical Services, with proven countermeasures and phasing. The plan also consists of a monitoring mechanism, as well as policy guidelines for City staff and members of the community to evaluate effectiveness of the plan.

The development of the LRSP is funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and is a requirement for City of Cupertino to be eligible to receive federal funding for local roadway safety improvement projects in the future. Please help us improve the roads in Cupertino by reporting your areas of concern and proving feedback about where improvements are needed. Click on the link above to get started.

City of Sunnyvale Active Transportation Plan

How can we continue to improve options for bicyclists and pedestrians in Sunnyvale? How can Sunnyvale students more safely walk and bike to school?

The City of Sunnyvale is exploring these questions as part of a year-long effort to create an Active Transportation Plan that will address bicycle, pedestrian and Safe Routes to Schools needs throughout the City.

The Active Transportation Plan will help the City strategically invest in programs and projects to make walking and bicycling safer and more convenient for residents. In addition, the Plan will analyze ways to make it safer for Sunnyvale students to walk and bike to school.