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Homestead High School student Zibaa Adil


Zibaa Uyghur Adil, Class of 2020

Zibaa will be attending the University of California Los Angeles, majoring in International Development Studies

“Coming into high school, I had a strong idea of what I was interested in and what I wanted my high school experience to be. However, I quickly learned that life truly is unpredictable and unavoidable situations can throw these plans askew. If your plans have to shift to accommodate for new scenarios, make the most of it. Think ahead, but don’t be afraid to change your trajectory a bit. My high school years were made special by the countless hours I spent with my Future Business Leaders of America family, the many lunches spent appreciating art with Frontier, sharing my pride in my Uyghur heritage, the chance to open up about chronic illness and time spent in the ceramics room with my funny friends. I especially want to thank Mrs. Nurnberg and Mrs. Fisher for always checking in and pouring positivity into my time at Homestead.”

Homestead High School student Fabiola Zamora


Fabiola Zamora, Homestead High School, Class of 2020

Fabiola will be attending the University of Hawaii, majoring in Biology

“By seeking discomfort, you learn to embrace creative thinking, to keep an open mind, to learn about others and yourself, and ultimately, find comfort living outside the box. High school is a time for personal development, and this is where I discovered my purpose, met lifelong friends and was empowered by our special group of staff. Whether it was going all out during spirit weeks, posing philosophical questions during class discussions or cramming a quick review before a final in the hallways, I can genuinely say I invested myself in the high school experience, and that investment has paid off tremendously. Although academics and athletics are important, it is the experiences and relationships I created along the way that made high school meaningful.”

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