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Portrait of Student Daniel Lee


Daniel Lee, Class of 2023

Daniel will be attending Brown University, majoring in Cognitive Science

"From my fellow passionate ASB officers to driven FBLA officers & members and my resilient soccer teammates to supportive friends and teachers, each person has uniquely shaped me into the person I am today. High school is a time of exploration and discovery of what truly excites you. Be curious and take risks. It’s daunting for sure, but it’s also the best way you can truly grow. Now is the perfect time for you to find what you love to do and do it to the fullest extent possible. Even in the tedious, dull, or difficult parts of the high school experience, take on everything with a positive outlook and most importantly, smile!"

Portrait of student NingNing O'Brien


Ningning O'Brien, Class of 2023

Ningning will be attending De Anza College, majoring in Kinesiology

"The people I'm surrounded by are what have made my high school years so special. I couldn’t have achieved so many things from academics to athletics without my friends, family and mentors cheering me on and being there every step of the way. I have a couple pieces of advice, the first being to surround yourself with people who make your energy radiate and not hold you back from anything. The second piece of advice is to be confident in anything you do even if you're not actually sure. My last piece of advice is to have no regrets, I know it's harder to do then say but I believe regrets only form from how you perceive certain situations."

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