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Portrait of Nikki Liu


Nikki Liu, Class of 2022

Nikki will be attending the University of Southern California, majoring in Business Administration

"My four years of high school were made unforgettable by the people I’ve met and worked with. My advice to incoming freshmen is to embrace your curiosity and to be open-minded. By joining different clubs, volunteering for events, and trying new things, I learned many lessons and grew as a person. I found like-minded people and made precious memories by exploring my interests. I discovered places where I could impact those around me and had so much fun while doing it."

Portrait of Ethan Mahimainathan


Ethan Mahimainathan, Class of 2022

Ethan will be attending American University, majoring in Economics

"The best advice I could give to anyone, but especially to freshmen, is to bravely explore your unknown; challenge yourself, and remember that the only way to fail is to not learn from your mistakes. One event that particularly stands out has been the Covid pandemic - how in a matter of weeks the world came to a standstill; how we Zoomed for a year; how its restrictions have lingered this year. But also how we adapted and found our way to the present. I will never forget how resilient we all were in the face of this pandemic."

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