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HHS student Anna Perronne


Anna Perronne, Class of 2021

Anna will be attending Stanford University, majoring in Gender Studies and Political Science

"Over the last few years, I’ve developed a lot as a person. My inner growth and heightened comfort and confidence in my identity have made these past years significant. My advice is to use your high school years to explore your identity and discover your interests. Invest in the things you are passionate about; do not be controlled by other people’s expectations. Question the world around you and seize opportunities to get involved, and you will gain confidence and discernment, while clarifying your values. Make sure to take time for your personal well being and never forget to have fun."

HHS student Rohan Zamvar


Rohan Zamvar, Class of 2021

Rohan will be attending Brown University, studying Sociology and Political Science

"I have two pieces of advice for freshmen. First, immerse yourself into the school as much as possible when you have the free time in freshman year! Join lots of clubs and get involved so that you can explore your passions, meet like-minded people and make an impact on those around you. Second, your mentality when it comes to school can make or break your high school experience. I believe that I enjoyed high school because I looked forward to every lesson, every club meeting and every spirit day. A positive outlook goes a long way! I would like to thank Ms. Kirby for being a constant supporter and showing me the value of compassion and open-mindedness and Ms. Milirides for sparking my fascination in history and current events, which has also inspired what I hope to pursue in and after college."

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